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I was the second person to move into The Villa, and that was 21 years ago in 2001. I looked for a long time, and this seemed to be the best retirement facility for me. I have no close family, and having been a school teacher for many years, I enjoyed being around other people. I taught in Lincoln, but my home was in Beatrice and I wanted to stay in the community. I feel safe here, and have people that I can depend on for help. It was a good decision for me financially too.



My children wanted my husband and I to live closer to them, and moving to The Villa has proven to have worked out in everyone’s favor. Living here is like living in a small town. You can visit with people and get to know them, and you can come and go as you please.



I was a pastor in Wymore for many years, and when I retired, I wanted to remain close to Wymore. I like farming communities and the country life style. When I looked at apartments, The Villa was the nicest place I found. It couldn’t get any better. The apartment is complete with everything I need. I also like being close to Lincoln.